What We Do

Dog Grooming

Hair cuts, baths, and toenail cuts for all size dogs

Dog Boarding

All sizes and breeds welcome with up to date shots. The shots needed are Rabies, Bordadello (Kennel Cough), and Combination (parvo and distempter)

Cat Boarding

We love them like our own


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What are your hours?

What are your boarding rates?

Dogs are $20 per dog per night Cats are $14 per cat per night

Where are you located?

17198 E. Fairfield Rd. Mt Vernon, Illinois 62864

What am I allowed to bring for my pet’s boarding time?

We encourage you to bring bedding, food, dishes, toys, and treats so your pet has familiar things around for their stay here at Country Acres Kennels.

I forgot my dog’s food! Do I need to go back home and get it?

Don’t worry. We have a blend of Purina dog food available. We also have food and water bowls available so you don’t have to make extra trips if you’re ...

Do I need to bring Kitty litter for my cat?

No, we have kitty litter for your convenience.

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Why Choose Us

At Country Acres Kennels we are dedicated to loving your pets as well as you would at home.  Country Acres has been here for 40 years, and we plan to keep the tradition of caring for your pets for at least another 40. We have heating and air conditioning in all our buildings.  When the weather’s nice they’ll have the choice of being inside or outside in their own space.  Friendly barking is always welcome here.

Pet Care

We love them like our own


Getting all the attention they can stand while still being safe


Getting your pup to look their best so they feel their best


We have the best pricing around for both dogs and cats